• Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's):

  • Is this product "in stock"? - If you can put the product in your shopping cart it IS "in stock". We do not sale products we do not have on hand. Product that are out of stock say "Sold Out - Check Back Later" and you can not add them to your cart.
  • Are any of the bullets you sell "2nds", "pulled", or "blems" (blemlished)? >> No, all of our bullets are production 1st quality bullets. We do NOT sell “2nds”, “pulls”, or blemished, or rejected bullets.

  • My Order Status shows __________what does that mean? Our most common used order statuses are: 
    • Awaiting Fulfillment - This means we have received your order, the items are IN stock, and are waiting on us to pull the item(s) from our inventory and package them for shipment.
    • Awaiting Shipment - This means your order has been packaged, the shipping label has been purchased and applied to your package and is waiting to be picked up or delivered to the carrier.  You will get an email when this task is complete.
    • Shipped - After the carrier has possession of the package we change the order status to "shipped". "Most" of the time this occurs "after" they acknowledge acceptance. You will receive an email containing the package's tracking number when the status is changed to "Shipped".  
  •  How much does shipping cost? >> We have 2 rates, we charge a low flat rate of $8.99 or FREE. If you order is $125 or more shipping is FREE!!
  • Do you accept any payment method other than credit/debit cards, for instance can you take a Money Order or a Bank Check? >>Yes we can, select Money Order or Bank Check in the payment section during checkout.  We will email you instructions on where and how to send your payment

  • Can you tell me what powder and how much is best to use for my rifle? >> Unfortunately we cannot, every gun if different and the best load for one will most likely NOT be the best for another gun. We strongly recommend you use reloading data from the powder and bullet manufactures and NEVER exceed Maximum published loads. For links to manufactures data see our LINKS page at www.submoashooting.com/links/.

  • Do you charged sales tax? >> Because we are located in the state Tennessee we collect sales tax on any orders shipped to a Tennessee address.

  • My order was damaged, opened, or lost what do I need do? >> If you have any difficulty with your order contact us at service@submoashooting.com we will do everything reasonably possible to rectify the issue.

  • My order was accepted when will it be shipped? >> 95% of all orders are shipped within 3 (three) business days. Occasionally we will not be available to ship orders that soon, when delays occurs or are expected we will make every reasonable effort to post the updated ship date for orders in the banner on the top of the home page.

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