Edge TLR

Edge TLR Component Bullets

The first true all-range hunting projectile is now available in even more bullet weights and diameters. Unlike other bullets that can fail to perform on impact at lower velocities, Federal Premium® Edge TLR® uses the exclusive Slipstream™ polymer tip to initiate expansion at long range. At close range, the bullet’s copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight for consistent, lethal penetration. Its long, sleek profile offers an extremely high ballistic coefficient and AccuChannel™ groove technology improves accuracy and minimizes drag. Now available in 136-grain 277 cal. and 155-grain 284 cal.

Features & Benefits

• Match-grade long-range accuracy in a bonded hunting bullet

• High-performance polymer tip material provides the industry's highest heat resistance for the most consistent ballistics

• Extremely high ballistic coefficient

• Exclusive Slipstream tip helps flatten trajectories and initiate low-velocity expansion

• Less wind drift and drop

• AccuChannel groove technology minimizes drag

• Copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight for deep penetration at any range

• Reliable expansion at 1,400 fps

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