Barnes LRX Bullets 6.5mm Caliber .264 Diameter 127 Grain, Spitzer, 12 pack

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Barnes LRX Bullets 6.5mm Caliber .264 Diameter 127 Grain

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Barnes LRX - 6.5mm Caliber .264 Diameter 127 Grain

Barnes Long Range X-Bullet (LRX)


Barnes LRX (Long Range Hunting)

Barnes LRX bullets have been developed to match the advancements in rifle accuracy and extended-range optics. The LRX features a long profile and boattail design that delivers match-grade accuracy at long range with an incredibly high ballistic coefficient and terminal performance that delivers the quick, clean, ethical kills you’ve come to expect from Barnes.

  • 100% lead-free
  • Grooved for lower pressures
  • Higher ballistic coefficient
  • Deadly accuracy
  • 99-100% weight retention

This item is a 12 bullet pack.

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