Berger Elite Hunting Bullets 338 Caliber .338 Diameter 300 Grain, Spitzer, 12 pack

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Berger Elite Hunting Bullets 338 Caliber .338 Diameter 300 Grain

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Berger Elite Hunting - 338 Caliber .338 Diameter 300 Grain

Our Hybrid designs blend the best of both worlds by incorporating two different shapes within the nose. As the bearing surface ends, a tangent ogive begins. This tangent section of the ogive results in the bullet being much less sensitive to seating depth. As you move forward along the tangent portion, the shape changes into a secant ogive (the shape used on the VLD bullets). This shape is very efficient in the wind and is why the VLD became so popular. The key to all this is not just the combining of these two shapes but also the partnership between the ballistician and the bullet maker. Berger’s Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz uses his expertise to combine the appropriate shapes for optimum performance.

Our Hunting bullets come in two hybrid types; the Classic Hunter bullet design and the Elite Hunter bullet design. You can expect the same massive hydrostatic shock when hunting with either of these bullet designs that you expect from a Hunting VLD.


Like the Classic Hunters, these Elite Hunter bullets combine the best of both tangent and secant ogive features, resulting in high ballistic performance with less sensitivity to seating depth. The Elite Hunter bullets are not limited to SAAMI standards, so they have much longer noses than the Classic Hunter bullets to provide hunters with the highest ballistic performance possible.

This item is a 12 bullet pack.

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