Norma 6.5-284 Norma Brass 50 count (New)

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Norma 6.5-284 Norma Brass 50 cnt

NORMA Brass - 6.5-284 Norma – NEW - QTY 50


NORMA High Performance Brass Cases – Unmatched Reloadability - Unprimed

For more than 100 years, the golden rule at NORMA has been precision and quality in everything we make. NORMA brass has long been a household name for cases in a league of their own, made of the best possible raw materials with the narrowest tolerances ensuring long life and many reloads.

This wildcat was probably first made shortly after the introduction of the .284 Winchester in 1963. Due to the enormous popularity of the 6.5 mm caliber in Europe the 6.5-.284 was made into a factory round by Norma of Sweden in 2001 - only a year after they marketed the first cases for reloading. During its many years as a wildcat it gained a well-deserved reputation of being a very accurate cartridge combining a moderate recoil and muzzle blast with the outstanding long range and penetration potential of the long .264” bullets of 140 grains or more.

Most of the rifles in 6.5x.284 Norma are used for target shooting, but it is gaining popularity as a long range hunting and varmint cartridge too. The 6.5-.284 Norma will do everything the 6.5x55 Swedish will do - a 100 yards further out. Since its introduction it has been tried out on hunts for mountain game in Asia, Europe and North America. On a recent hunt in Iran the 6,5x284 Norma was tested and proved capable of making an instant kill on an Transcaspian Urial ram at a distances exceeding 350 yards. One year earlier in the Sierra Gredos range near Madrid the same thing had happened to a Spanish Ibex, who presented a broadside shot at approximately 300 yards. The relatively small diameter of the 6.5 mm bullets is fully compensated by the deep penetration these long and slender projectiles always delivers. A huge Iranian wild boar standing broadside at 80 yards was effectively killed by a 140 grain bullet that went all the way through both shoulders. The animal ran less than 30 yards before collapsing - and turned out to weigh close to 600 pounds. Whether you are a varmint hunter, sensitive to recoil or preferring a lightweight mountain rifle you’ll have to struggle hard to find a better and more versatile choice of caliber than the 6.5-.284 Norma.




  • Neck – Annealed to achieve proper elasticity and prevent splitting, NORMA cases are then put through a final polish process to ensure superior appearance in addition to superior performance
  • Shoulder – NORMA applies over a century of experience and proprietary tooling to ensure dimensionally perfect headspace
  • Body – Laboratory Inspection ensures proper hardness over the length of the case; softer at the neck, getting progressively harder towards the case head.
  • Tolerances – In-house tooling production allows NORMA to not only control tolerances of the finished product, but of the production tools and machines themselves. With tooling tolerances down to 7 thousands of a millimeter, NORMA is proud to have the tightest tolerances in the industry
  • Flash Hole – Three quality control inspections for the flash hole ensure a perfect centered and burr free product. Bench rest quality in every case!
  • Primer Pocket – Proper hardness of the primer pocket is critical to long case life. At NORMA, each production run is tested to a minimum of ten reloading cycles.
  • Unprimed

This is new factory brass, but it may not be packaged in retail packaging. 

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